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This is the most bare bones Sparks yet with nothing whatsoever outside of his usual formula – triangle, North Carolina, tragic accident, predictable plot.‘How To Be’ could have been a great ode to the /benefits/ of being single (also not constantly chasing sex), but instead is basically just another passable, sometimes witty, forgettable rom-com where the destination is coupling-up.Indie romantic-dramedy about a young woman (Hall) who’s struggling to move on after the death of her husband, an acclaimed folk singer.The trailer has some remarking that it looks made by the Hong King tourism board and is a ‘Before Sunrise’ riff without the depth, and while this may have shades of truth, the excellent festival reviews say it’s an authentic, relatable and pleasant watch.

When her parents discover they were never legally married, planning begins for a golden oldie re-wedding that just might bring them all together…The source novel was very different, focusing on a single 38-year-old book publicist who travels around the world to see how different cultures deal with single life.Truth and realism would have served the story well but instead it’s sometimes distractingly artificial, from Leslie Mann’s boyf’s totally cool reaction to finding out she’s pregnant to another man, to Dakota going to her recent ex’s Christmas party, to Rebel Wilson announcing she’s super rich and working at a paralegal firm for fun.Those who loved the family first time round will get some enjoyment from this long-awaited reunion.The old parents are good value, but not enough to save it.

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Hall is something of a rom-com newbie, having stuck to dramas and thrillers for the last 10 years.

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